A complete service
At the Cambridge Editorial Partnership we have over 25 years’ experience in book publishing and marketing, and the production of academic materials. We provide complete editorial management support for publishers, self publishers, academic organisations and corporate clients. We deliver a high-quality service, to budget and on time.

With CEP you have the security and confidence of knowing that your projects are managed by professionals who understand your concerns from the inside. Outsourcing to us will help you to
improve project management
manage your work flow
prioritise your publishing and production schedules
optimise the time you can give to key projects and product development

Customised solutions
We can work with your in-house staff or take a proactive role in the commissioning process and develop a project on your behalf.

Quality assurance
We manage all projects in-house, under the direction of one of the partners. All our suppliers have high academic and professional credentials.

We have a network of experienced specialist writers, editors and proofreaders in the UK and Europe. We monitor continually the accuracy and standard of our suppliers’ work.

A professional finish
We understand that every job has its own particular requirements, and that it is essential to select the right designer for the job. We work with first-class professional design and production companies based in the UK.